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Sharing the Credit for Estate Planning Success

No single professional advisor has all of the answers. We believe in a collaborative, team approach to estate planning.

Estate plans sometimes fail to fulfill a family's goals because one or more of their professional advisors have not been involved in the process. We understand the need to communicate effectively and develop a long-term relationship with you, as a client's trusted advisor. Professional advisors, from the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona, who work with us discover opportunities not found in dealing with more traditional estate planning attorneys.

One way we communicate with you is through the use of our "Daily Plan-It." Distributed two to three times a month, free of  charge, the Daily Plan-It contains estate planning news specifically for financial planners and investment professionals.

Our Approach. We do not create an estate plan, tell your client to have a nice life, and move on to the next client. We value continuing involvement, enhanced by:

  • workshops on estate planning issues and opportunities;

  • helping to ensure that the client's trust continues to be funded on an ongoing basis; and

  • advising clients of applicable changes in the law.

How We Work Together. We look at the estate plan as the "vehicle," and the financial products as the "fuel" that makes that vehicle run. We are trained to identify the client's needs, and we can recommend the fuel for the client's vehicles.

What does this mean for you? Shifting metaphors, you become the "pharmacist," filling the prescription recommended by the client's legal "doctor." It makes the sale much easier for you as an insurance or financial professional. In addition, there may be instances in which we uncover needs that exceed your initial diagnosis, thus creating more demands for your services and products.

Sharing the Credit. We believe in shining the spotlight, and working with us can provide you with additional third-party credibility. There is no credibility when a professional boasts about his or her own accomplishments. We strongly believe that, by shining the light on others, we all bask in the glow.

To learn more about the opportunities you can gain through a solid, collaborative relationship with Hoopes Adams & Scharber, contact us.


our vision

To instill a profound sense of well being, excitement and trust in all whom we touch, through the creation of lasting legacies in a fun and comfortable environment that captures the dreams and aspirations of our clients for their families and businesses.

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