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Business Attorneys

Few things are more vital to the prosperity of our state than the growth and success of the closely held Arizona business. And there is no greater source of fulfillment for us as business lawyers than to help entrepreneurs realize their vision for their company.


Ron Adams and Ryan Scharber provide sophisticated business law services to closely held Arizona companies in a variety of key industries, at a lower cost and with more personal attention than at many larger, less efficient law firms.

Owners of growing companies in Chandler and the East Valley and throughout Arizona count on Hoopes, Adams & Scharber for essential services common to small and medium businesses, including:

Corporate and Business Transactions

  • Choice of entity (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited liability partnership and sole proprietorship)

  • Incorporation of a new or existing business

  • Qualification of foreign entities in Arizona

  • "Doing Business As" registrations for individuals and corporations

  • Business sales and purchases

  • Document review

  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark, trade secret protection)

  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

  • Contract drafting and review

  • Negotiations

  • Buying and selling a business

  • Purchase and sale of goods and real property

  • Intellectual property contracts

  • Work for hire arrangements

Tax Planning and Dispute Resolution

  • Formation of business entities best suited to reduce taxes associated with formation and operation

Real Estate Law

  • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements

  • Transfers of interests in real property

  • Section 1031 exchanges

Construction Law

  • Review and preparation of construction contracts



"One of the most important advantages of being a small business is the ability to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself. Any experienced business person knows you need to make these quick moves intelligently and professionally.

That is what Hoopes Adams & Scharber has provided for my business. They have been quick, thorough, and professional in providing straight business (legal) advice and other legal services for our corporations."

Teresa Ornelas, President/CEO
‘Great Impact! Inc.

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