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  Chandler Arizona Estate Planning Attorneys

“We are so happy that we found you and your firm. Peace of mind is elusive, but thanks to your counsel, we found it.”

David and Silvia Talbot

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Estate Planning Attorneys

Whether your situation and planning objectives call for a simple will, a trust, or an effective combination of estate planning tools, you can count on Chandler estate planning attorneys Ron Adams and Ryan Scharber to guide you through a process that recognizes your unique situation and goals.

Our estate planning lawyers will help you carry out your personal estate planning goals and objectives, such as:

  • protection against creditors (lawsuits, divorce, predators),

  • supporting your plans for retirement,

  • protecting minor children or grandchildren,

  • providing for your loved ones in the manner you wish,

  • taking care of you in the event of disability,

  • planning to minimize transfer taxes (gift tax, estate tax and GST),

  • avoiding probate and minimizing costs in settling your estates after your death,

  • business planning,

  • succession planning, and

  • effective use of insurance in support of your estate planning objectives.

Our planning process is designed to educate you on the issues that will affect you and put you and your family in control of your estate and the planning process, based on your family’s special circumstances and needs.

We make uncommon commitments to provide our clients full service throughout all stages of the process, with control over the legal fees to make sure you pay a lower cost than would be incurred without such planning.

Planning for Minor Children

For parents (and grandparents) of a young child, estate planning reaches beyond simply minimizing estate taxes and ensuring that your property ends up in the right hands. You also want to know that, if illness, injury or death leaves you unable to care for minor or special needs children, they will be raised by the persons of your choosing and that your child's financial, emotional and spiritual needs will be met.

Having a Will is not enough. Depending on your situation and objectives, your Kids Safety Net plan might include some combination of the following planning tools:

  • short-term and long-term guardianship to care for your children in the event of your death or incapacity,

  • simple will,

  • revocable living trust,

  • individual and institutional trustees,

  • special needs trust,

  • life insurance trust, and/or

  • education trust


Ron Adams, Chandler AZ Estate Planning Attorney

Successor Trustee Seminar  See the video highlights from Ron Adams' October 2013 seminar for trustmakers and successor trustees.


Our Vision

To instill a profound sense of well being, excitement and trust in all whom we touch, through the creation of lasting legacies in a fun and comfortable environment that captures the dreams and aspirations of our clients for their families and businesses.

Estate Planning Tools

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Probate Training

Persons who have been named as a guardian, conservator, or personal representative of an estate must complete training before they can be appointed by the Court. Training and certificates of completion are free at the Arizona Judicial Branch website.


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