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Client Testimonials


“During my first session with Ron Adams, I knew he had such legal knowledge, skill, and the experience needed for my situation. He presented himself very professionally, with a caring personality. Right away, I felt confident that I could trust Ron with any and all of my personal needs. I will always speak highly of his compassion, wisdom, and expertise.” — Belinda Noble-Ditton

“From the very beginning you put us completely at ease. What was really comforting to us was the manner in which you spoke to us and your exceptional listening skills. You asked questions and allowed the time we needed to answer. You never used ‘lawyer talk.’ We clearly understood your answers to our questions and always noted the patience with which you answered them.” — Scott and Sandye Smithson

“My financial advisor suggested Ron Adams. What a great suggestion. Ron could not have been more helpful and compassionate. I immediately felt I was in good hands. He was very professional, and his caring attitude was greatly appreciated.” — Barb Dambeck

“Hoopes, Adams & Scharber made this necessary process familiar and easy through stimulating and thought-provoking questions.” — Boyd and Katherine Christensen

“We were so impressed with the way Ron explained things that we had our executor fly in from California to meet him.” — Pat and Vel Amica

“My estate planning sessions were handled in a completely competent and professional manner. Everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable by being friendly and efficient. I have recommended Hoopes Adams & Scharber to my friends and family and have already had feedback from a close friend who was as pleased as I was.” — Linda Herbst

“We have never felt so comfortable in a legal office.” — The Karps

“Ron Adams is a fantastic business attorney. He can thoroughly look at a business problem, give you the ups and downs on your proposed plan and get you the legal solution you are looking for to further your business goals. If you are looking to buy, sell or plan for the future of your business and you need business minded legal answers, I strongly recommend Ron Adams.” - Christy Thompson


“Estate Planning is a thoughtful, personal process. I was initially impressed with Hoopes, Adams & Scharber when I discovered their helpful, educational website. Upon meeting with Ron and Ryan, I greatly appreciated the time and effort spent to explain legal concepts, answer specific questions, and ultimately design and develop a final estate plan that is thorough and complete. Explanations and specifics were easy to understand, making the process pleasant! I very highly recommend Hoopes, Adams & Scharber to anyone who is ready to develop an estate plan. I felt great about what I accomplished!” — Vicki Clark

“Thank you for your great service to us in making our estate plan. You were very clear in laying out everything. We feel a great sense of relief in getting this taken care of, and we look forward to our future dealing with you.” — Greg and Jan Libby

“Ryan Scharber was a flicker of hope to my family and me at a stressful and emotional time in my life, when my father passed away a mere three weeks before I had a baby. I discovered I was my parents' Successor Trustee [and] Ryan helped to organize all the documentation I inherited and thoroughly explained exactly what my role would be, plus the responsibilities associated with it. Ryan was always quick with reply communication, which is an attribute I greatly appreciate. I wholeheartedly recommend Ryan Scharber without reservation.” - Michelle Koechle

“[Ron Adams] used the concepts and language used in estate planning but never overwhelmed us with it. And when the concept was confusing he was able to convey its proper meaning effortlessly. We felt comfortable asking questions because there wasn't a question that seemed to be too trivial or irrelevant.” — Darren and Dona Record

“We want you to know how much we appreciated your advice and assistance in planning our estates  and creating our Living Trust. You explained the options available to us in plain, simple terms.” — Richard H.D. King

“[U]pdating our Family Trust, Will and other document was a project that I thought I would want to put off. After my first meeting with Ron Adams I was excited to get this done. would highly recommend Hoopes Adams & Scharber.” — Al and Teresa Ornelas